The 21st-Century Teacher*

  1. They must be *Adaptive*.

They must be able to adapt to whatever comes their way. Being a teacher in today’s world  means that you have to adapt to the ever-changing tools and changes that are being implemented in the schools. Smart boards are replacing chalkboards and tablets are replacing textbooks and a 21st-century teacher needs to be okay with that.


  1. They must be *Lifelong* Learners.

These educators should not only expect their students to be  lifelong learners,

 But they are as well. They must stay up-to-date with current educational trends and technology and knowhow to tweak their old lesson plans from years before to make them more current.


  1. Must be *Tech Savvy*.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and that means a 21st-century teacher must be right along for the ride. The latest technology, whether it is for lessons or grading, will allow the teacher and student to be able to learn better and faster. An effective teacher knows that learning about the latest gadget can truly transform their students’  education, so they are not just current on the new trends, but really know how to master them.


  1. Must know How to *Collaborate*.

An effective 21st-century educator must be able to collaborate and work well within a team.

Over the past decade, this important skill has grown quite rapidly in schools. Learning  is deemed to be more effective when you can share your ideas and knowledge with others.

Sharing your expertise and experience, and communicating and learning from others   is an important part of the learning and teaching process.


  1. Must be *Advocates* for the Profession.

They must be advocates not only for their students but their profession. Today’s teachers   are being watched with a close eye because of all of the changes in curriculum  and the Common Core.

Instead of sitting back, a 21st-century teacher must take a stand for themselves and their profession.

They must pay close attention to what is going on in education by addressing issues head-

  1. They must also *advocate* for their students. Today’s classrooms are filled with children

who need someone to look out for them, give them advice, encouragement, and a listening ear.

Effective teachers share their knowledge and expertise and act as a role model for their students