1. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF CLASS TEACHERS:  To select responsible class monitors to assist him/her in  maintaining   class discipline.
  1. To train and to guide the monitors to be efficient & effective in class control in his/her absence.
  2. To instruct class to conserve water, electricity & paper regularly. Advise them to be respectful to seniors, peers, juniors, plants & animals.
  3. To check class for proper & clean uniforms, shoes, hair & nails.
  4. To boost the morale of non-performing students.
  5. To communicate with other subject teacher’s regarding non-performance in their subjects concerned.
  6. To check bags of students, at random intervals, on a regular basis for contrabands items.
  7. Guide them in general deportment instilling values among them.
  8. To ensure that parents send leave application/medical certificate for the absence of their ward & file them for records.
  9. To ensure safety & neatness in the class through class monitors with emphasis on arrangement of furniture, maintenance of display boards, black boards, duster, cupboards & dustbin.
  10. To ensure safety & repairs/replacement of window panes, switches, fans, tube-light, & black board etc. and to display do’s and don’ts of instructions in the class room.
  11. To keep the Principal informed of any problem/incidents.
  12. To build a rapport with all the students irrespective of their performance and instill in them confidence and trust so that so that the students look up to him/her for guidance and there is a free flow of communication.
  13. Be accessible to the students at all times and more so in times of need.
  14. Instill a sense of belongingness to the class and to the school at large.
  15. Student’s entries to be completed in all respects. The entries should conform to admission cum withdrawal register/application submitted by parents at the time of admission of his/her ward.
  • All the subject teachers till Class VIII- must concentrate on the students` READING/NEATNESS/COPY MAINTENANCE/HAND WRITING / ARITHMETIC / DEVELOPMENT OF BASIC HUMAN SKILLS.



  1. The class room should be neat and tidy.
  2. The seating arrangement should be proper.
  3. Overflowing dust bin should be avoided. Cupboard, if any, should not be made into make shift dustbins.
  4. The display boards in the class room should have    i.   Class Time Table      ii.  House division chart iii. Subjects` related matter.
  5. Class room should be well decorated with colourful charts.
  6. Black board should contain the following information period wise and day wise, on a compulsory task.
  • Date:                   Subject:               Students on Roll:
  • Class:                   Unit:                    Students Present:
  • Class Teacher:    Topic:                  Students Absent:
  • Subject Teacher:                            Period:

     7   Students who are given permission to go for drinking water or for washrooms etc. should invariably have an Out Pass.

   8     Check the nails, whether the shoes are polished, dress and 50 ml sanitizer bottle. S/he is wearing mask.

9       Control the unnecessary movements of students within the periods.


  1. The Class Teacher will accompany and lead the students of their respective classes to the Morning Assembly.
  2. Punctuality and promptness of Class Teacher along with respective students immediately after the Assembly bell/Drum beat.
  3. Ensuring that uniform check is conducted by Line Monitor and students are made to stand height wise in increasing order in a straight line with adequate gap between two students.
  4. Ensuring that the students disperse to the respective classes maintaining line discipline.