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Common Sense that makes sense

  • Stand when talking with your
  • Give up your seat for the
  • Never exchange words with your parents even if they’re Clarify your point another day when temperatures cool down.
  • Don’t chew gum while addressing people either in classrooms or in
  • Wait for others to finish their point, only then
  • Wait for others during
  • Give thanks before
  • Stop hooting
  • Be considerate of fellow
  • Be patient with
  • Never urinate by the
  • Hold doors open if others are behind you and never jump the
  • Clean your toilet or any convenience you use after use and regularly, don’t leave for others to wash or clean for
  • Learn to give to
  • Always be civil and
  • Knock before I mean, knock gentle.
  • Learn to close the door gently after you.
  • Cover your mouth when sneezing or
  • Ask before taking anybody`s
  • Don’t share somebody’s phone number without their
  • Don’t take front seat unless
  • Bringing someone else down does not lift you
  • Don’t stand too close to a Respect their personal space.
  • And never point at Make your point without pointing.
  • Smile if you make eye contact with
  • Address people by their Calling people by their name strikes a rapport with them.
  • If someone uplifts your spirit, compliment
  • Say ‘sorry,’ ‘please,’ ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you effortlessly whenever needed.