1. Up to 15th day of month: No fine. After 15th, Fine of Rs 20/- per day.
2. The School Fee shall be charged for full ONE CALENDAR YEAR (12 MONTHS).
3. The FEE COUNTER TIMINGS are: 7.30 A.M. – 2:00 P.M (Summers) and 8:00 AM – 2:00(WINTERS) PM on all working days including all Saturdays.
Fee shall be paid by Cash, Cheque or through online mode via UPI, Debit Card/ Credit Card.
4. If the Fee is to be paid at Fee counter, Parent / Guardian must bring the previous Fee receipt or remember admission number while depositing the fee and other charges, failing which the deposit will not be accepted by the account section.
5. Payment of partial amount of School fee will not be accepted.
6. Parents/ Guardian are requested in their own interest to ensure that the total amount paid by them is duly filled and signed by the cashier.
7. The fee once paid is neither refunded nor adjusted.
8. School Transport facility once opted will not be allowed to discontinue during the Session.
9. In case of non-payment of fee by due date, after the last day of the month along with late fee fine, the name of the student will get struck off automatically from the School rolls. Also, the student will not be permitted to attend the classes or appear in any of the Examination. The case may, however, be considered for readmission, on written request from the parents along with the payment of all the dues & late fine and Re-admission fee.
10. Any Fee concession or Scholarship granted, the School shall be liable to withdraw the same, for misconduct, irregular attendance or failure to maintain scholastic standards.
11. Concession of 1 month will be given to those who pay total dues of the year in first instalment at ONE TIME in advance.
12. Rules for Cheque Payment :
 The Cheque should be drawn in favour of ‘Bohra Public School’. There should be only one Cheque against one child’s fees.
 Parent must write the student’s Name, Class, Section and Admission No. and Mobile Number at the back side of the Cheque.
 The Cheques should be ‘Accounts Payee only’.
 Out station Cheques are not acceptable.
 If a Cheque is dishonored or returned for any reason by the bank, a penalty of `600/- will be imposed. Moreover, the fine for late payment of fee will also be charged extra.
 If a Cheque is dishonored, all the future payments from the defaulting parents will only be accepted through CASH only.
 As per RBI guidelines, school shall accept the Cheque conforming to Cheque Truncation System 2010 (CTS 2010) standards only.