Academic learning
Examination & Promotion

Scholastic Subjects
The school is affiliated to CBSE and the CCE guidelines have been implemented from Class Nursery onwards with a Grading system reflecting Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic areas in the Report Card. A strong academic curriculum is followed with emphasis on experiential learning through planned class activities, audio visual aids, lesson plans etc. Modules on the Smart Boards aid the teaching content in all classrooms from Pre School to XII.
Class Pre-Primary:-No formal assessment. The children are assessed on the basis of day to day observation, classwork, through general discussion and revision worksheets. They are also taught Primary basic arithmetic & environment science
Class I to V: The student’s performance is evaluated on the basis of  oral testing, project work ,day to day observation of the child as well as Half Yearly and Annual Exams . A student suffering from any ailment has to submit Medical Certificate on the very same day or at most the next day of the exam to the class teacher. The focus is on identifying the talent of the learner to empower him/her with positive inputs.
Class VI to X:- There are two semesters in the academic year, the first Semester is from April to September and Second Semester is from October to March. Each semester has 50% weight age that includes Periodic Tests, Assignments, activities, Projects/ Quiz/Conversational Skill/Orals & Practicals etc. and one Summative Assessment (Half Yearly and Annual) ending exam. The Grading scale for scholastic Domain is a nine point grading scale. In Class X, on every Friday weekly test is held in rotation for all subjects. The students are advised to take these examinations seriously as these examinations will be beneficial for the preparation of the Board examination.
Class XI:-The academic session is divided into two terms: Mar-Sep and Oct-Feb.
. In order to declare pass a student, S/he must secure a minimum of 33% in each of the five/six subjects. In case of subjects involving practical work, she / he must obtain 33% marks in theory and 33% in practical separately.
 If she / he scores less than 33% in two subjects, it will be considered as ‘compartment’. The student will have to write the ‘compartment’ exam within two weeks of declaration of the result and score above 33% for promotion to the next class.
 If she / he scores less than 33% in more than two subjects, she/he will be detained in class XI.
 If she / he opts for a sixth subject, it is mandatory for the student to secure 33% marks in Half Yearly and the Final examinations to continue with that subject in Class XII.
 If any exam is shifted from the scheduled dates due to any unforeseen circumstances then it will be mandatory for all to follow changed as per given instructions and no application / excuse for any reason will be entertained for the same.
 If a student misses any test/ examination he/she will be awarded ZERO for the same.
 NO RETEST will be allowed, under any circumstance, except if the student is representing the school in sports.
 The Medical Certificate in case of Medical Leave should be submitted to school within 3 working days of joining the school along-with application from parents.
 A student will be eligible to appear for class XI Final examination if and only if he/she has atleast 75% of attendance from the 1st month of commencing the classes of that academic year till 15th January of that academic year in which the final examinations commence.
Class XII:- Public Examination is held by C.B.S.E. for this class in the month of March and results are declared as per C.B.S.E. Examination, bye-laws. To give enough practice for the Board Examination, there are three formal examinations viz Periodic Tests, Half Yearly and Pre-Boards. On every Friday weekly test is held in rotation for all subjects. The students are advised to take these examinations seriously as these examinations will be beneficial for the preparation of the Board examination.
Co-scholastic subjects-
 *Computers
 *General Knowledge (GK)
 *Art
 *Co- Curricular Activities (CCA) – Various activities and Inter class & House competitions are conducted for students to showcase their skills in various forms like drawing, craft, elocution, poetry recitation, Quiz and many more.
 *Value Education – Value based stories are taught.
 *Library – To inculcate the habit of reading we have library period once a week for all the grades. For Grade 1 we follow class library where the teacher helps or reads out the story for the class. For Grade II to XII, a book is issued to students to carry home which they can keep for a week to improve their reading skills.
 *Games – Activities such as various types of races, passing the ball with variations; age appropriate group games etc. are conducted.
 *Yoga – Different asanas and shlokas are introduced to cater to the students’ physical as well as mental health in their growing age.
All the books prescribed in the School for all the classes are as per C.B.S.E. Norms. School is following N.C.E.R.T. Books in most of the classes.