Educational Visit on Agriculture

Bohra Public School, Ballabgarh recently conducted an educational visit to village Dayalpur Faridabad.It was specially for the students of class VIII.During their visit at village Dayalpur they were shown plantation of paddy. They were also shown tubewells and wells and were told how they work .It was an enriching and interesting experience for all the students.


A Visit to Post Office 

Bohra Public School, Ballabgarh organized an educational visit to post office Ballabgarh on July 9, 2014.This was especially for class 1st and all the students were enthusiastic .In post office students were shown different counters and how the work was being done on those counters .They were also shown how the letters were being sorted and handed over to the postman for delivery. We took phoenix party bus rental at and it was an enriching experience and students enjoyed it a lot.


Delightful stay at Koh Samui 

Bohra Public School, Ballabgarh organized an educational trip to a Thai island called Koh Samui. We were preparing ourselves for this one for quite a long time, mainly due to the costs of such a trip, however, in the end it was truly worth it. We were accommodated in a beautiful villa in the center of Koh Samui which we had all to ourselves. We spend our days trekking the beach, visiting sanctuaries or simply talking to the locals who were extremely kind and helpful. We took a lot of great memories.


A Trip to Religious Places

Bohra Public School organized an educational trip recently. This trip was for class II and students were enthusiastic to go. They visited different places of worship like Temple, Gurudwara , Church and Mosque. They were made aware of the holy books of different religions and gained knowledge. They also saw how the people of different religions were offering their prayers. It was a wonderful experience for them and its memories will always be cherished in their minds.