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Student’s Council

Head Girl of School

Bharti Rawat

Head Boy of School

Anubhav Tiwari

Dayanand House

  • INCHARGE : Mrs. Madhu Malik
  • CAPTAIN : Devashish
  • VICE CAPTAIN : Nancy Chaudhary

Tagore House

  • INCHARGE : Mrs. Monika Sharma
  • CAPTAIN : Manavendra Yadav
  • VICE CAPTAIN : Parul

Nanak House

  • INCAHRGE : Mrs. Monika Singh
  • CAPTAIN : Kriti Bhardwaj
  • VICE CAPTAIN : Piyush Verma

Vivekanand House

  • INCAHRGE : Mrs. Mitu Bhatnagar
  • CAPTAIN : Richa Upadhyay
  • VICE CAPTAIN : Akash Malik

Moral Education

Moral education, a salient feature of this school, institution, moulds the children into simple honest patriotic citizen of tomorrow. The value of ‘havan’ are taught and regular ‘havans’ are conducted. We believe in ‘Panch Mukhi Shiksha’ i.e all round development of the child. We stress up on Physical, Practical, Aesthetic, Intellectual & Moral Education.