Biology Lab

Biology lab allows the students to observe, understand and perceive various life sciences and to gain experience, observe and analyse the experiments in lab.

Physics Lab

The Physics lab helps the students enhance their learning capabilities by doing practical. The students work independently in lab to widen their Knowledge.

Social Science Lab

Experiments are explained and done, with care given to intricate details so that they remain embedded in the young minds The Social Science Lab is well equipped with the latest Maps and Models, Weather Instruments and Charts to deal with the practical aspect of the subject.

To create interest in the subject the lab has on display, a variety of rocks and minerals.

Maths Lab

Mathematics develops the logic and skill of reasoning among the students. However students have been losing interest in this important subject. They feel this subject dull and boring.

To overcome this lacuna, our school has developed an excellent maths laboratory equipped with different audio-visual aids, working models and 2-3 dimensional models, objects, charts and all the kind of projects. With the help of all these models and teaching aids, our students can learn and explore the concept and verify, mathematical facts and learn programming bootcamp san diego.

Chemistry Lab

The hub of budding chemists. The lab is well equipped to provide the best of facilities to experiment. The chemistry lab is one of the most interesting area of science students to work.