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Name of the School with address: Bohra Public School
Bohra Enclave, East Chawla Colony,Ballabgarh, Faridabad-121004
E – mail
Fax No. 0129-2213747
Ph. No. 0129-2248226
Year of establishment of school 1992
Whether NOC from state/UT Or recommendation of Embassy Of India obtained Yes
NOC No. 23/123-94
NOC Issuing Date 23-09-1994
The school is recognized, if yes by which Authority Yes CBSE Board
Permanent/Regular/Provisional Provisional
Affiliation No. 530196
Affiliation with the Board since 1995
Extension of affiliation upto 2018
Name of Trust/Society/Company Registered under Section 25 of the company Act, 1956. Period upto which Registration of Trust/Society is valid J.R. Bohra Cheritable Trust
Mr. Mahendra Bohra Address: Bohra Bhawan, Main Bazar, Ballabgarh
Post: Member
Mr. Ravinder  Bohra Address: Bohra Bhawan, Main Bazar, Ballabgarh.
Post: Cashier
Mr. Shailendra Bohra Address: Bohra Bhawan, Main Bazar, Ballabgarh.
Post: Chairman
Mr. Manju  Bohra Address: Bohra Bhawan, Main Bazar, Ballabgarh.
Post: Member
Mr. Asha Bohra Address: Bohra Bhawan, Main Bazar, Ballabgarh.
Post: Member
Mr. O.P. Tiwari Address: H.No.13 Gali No. 4, Chawla Colony, Ballabgarh.
Post: Member
Mr. Ajay Bhattacharya Address: 3A,(FF) I.P.Colony, Sec-31, Faridabad
Post: Secretary
Mr. Jagdish Sharma Address: B100, Bhagat Singh Colony, Ballabgarh.
Post: Principal (other school)
Mrs. Kiran Address: H. No.1079, Sec-10, Faridabad
Post: Member
Mr. Murli Prasad Srivastava Address: FCA 45, Shyam Colony, Ballabgarh
Post: Member
Mr. Sanjay Yadav Address: Sec-55, Faridabad
Post: Member
Mr. Gopal Yadav Address: 174A/A, Bhatiya Colony, Ballabgarh
Post: Principal (other school)
Mrs. Achal Goyal Address: 126/8, Baniyawara, Ballabgarh
Post: Member PGT(other school)
Mrs. Manju Yadav Address: H. No. 2098, Sec-2, Ballabgarh
Post: Member PGT(other school)
Name and official address of the Manager/President/Chairman/Correspondent
Mr. O.P. Tiwari
Address H.No.13 Gali No. 4 Chawla Colony, Ballabgarh
Ph.No. 09873575111
Fax No. 0129-2213747
Area of School Campus
In Acres 2
In sq.mtrs. 8093.7128
Built up Area (sq.mtrs) 2350
Area of Playground in sq.mtrs. 5000
Other facilities:
Swimming Pool No
Indoor games Yes
Dance Rooms Yes
Gymnasium No
Music Rooms Yes
Hostels No
Health and Medical Checkup Yes
Details of fee structure
I to V
IX & X
Transport facility
Own Buses
Buses hired on contact basis
Details of transport charges


Name Design. DOB DOJ Ed.Qualification Status Part Time
Mr. A. Bhattacharya Principal 01.03.61 15.04.02 M.A.,B.Ed,M.B.A Permanent NO
Mr. Rajeev Hooda PGT(Phy. Edu.) 15.05.72 18.08.01 M.Ped., M.Phill. Permanent NO
Mrs. Seema Verma PGT(Eng) 24.04.72 01.04.05 M.A., B.Ed Permanent NO
Mrs. lalita PGT(Chem) 24-09-1984 05-03-2018 MSc.,B.Ed.Probabation NO
Mrs. Divya PGT(Eng) 26-04-1991 15-03-2017 M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil Permanent NO
Mrs. Kavita PGT(Comp) 12.07.80 01.07.14 M.C.A., B.C.A. Permanent NO
Mrs. Monika Sharma PGT(Phys) 02.02.84 01.04.13 M.Sc.,B.Ed. Permanent NO
Mrs. Gauri Bhardwaj PGT(Bio.) 10-12-1984 30-06-2017 M.Sc., P.hd Permanent NO
Mrs. Monika Singh PGT(Chem) 15.07.81 01.07.13 M.Sc., B.Ed. Permanent NO
Mr. Manish goyal PGT(Maths) 05-01-1987 12-03-2018 M.A., B.Ed. Permanent NO
Mrs. Kiran TGT(Science) 24.01.77 01.04.09 B.Sc, B.Ed Permanent NO
Mrs. Meenakshi TGT(Eng) 18.08.78 01.05.09 M.Com.,M.A., B.Ed. Permanent NO
Mrs. Madhuri Chauhan TGT(Art & Craft) 20.07.70 09.11.01 B.A. PG Drg Permanent NO
Mr. Lalit TGT(Maths) 31.12.86 01.04.13 B.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Ed. Permanent NO
Mrs. Rajshree Vashist TGT (S.St) 11.08.77 14.12.12 M.A., B.ED. Permanent NO
Mrs. Rachna TGT(Hindi) 05-06-1985 10.01.18 M.A., M.Ed. Permanent NO
Mrs. Rajesh Chahal TGT(Skt) 07.07.13 01.07.13 M.A.,Prabhakar,B.Ed. Permanent NO
 Mr. Lalit TGT(Maths) 20.03.81 01.07.13 M.Sc.,B.Ed. Permanent NO
Mrs. Rekha Pundir PRT(Hindi) 02.07.71 07.03.08 M.A., B.Ed Permanent NO
Mrs. Sashi PRT(Hindi) 20.03.75 16.11.10 M.A., NTT Permanent NO
Mrs. Poonam Gupta PRT(All Sub) 24.01.77 16.04.09 M.Com, JBT Permanent NO
Mrs. Meenu arora Lib 03-06-1977 03-10-2017 M.LIB, M.A. Permanent NO
Mrs. Poornima Mehta PRT(All Sub) 17.01.76 01.03.12 M.Com,B.Ed. Permanent NO
Ms. Latika TGT(S.St.) 15.11.86 01.04.12 M.A., Persuing B.Ed. Permanent NO
Mrs. Shilpa Bhatia PRT(All Sub) 18.08.82 01.04.12 B.Com, NTT, B.Ed,PGDHRM-I Permanent NO
Mrs. Lalita Sharma PRT(Skt.) 23.09.84 01.04.13 M.A., B.Ed. Permanent NO
Mrs. Poonam Rathee TGT(Comp) 08.08.82 08.04.13 M.Sc., MCA, B.Ed. Permanent NO
Ms. Neeru PRT(Phy.Edu.) 20.05.84 01.07.13 B.Ped.,M.Ped., M.Phill Permanent NO
Mrs. Sapna PRT 26.04.76 06.07.07 B.Com, NTT, B.Ed Permanent NO
Mrs. Surbhi Malhotra PRT 20.02.81 06.07.07 M.A.,NTT, Persuing B.Ed. Permanent NO
Mrs. Kamna Chabra PRT 30.06.75 14.07.08 B.A., NTT Permanent NO
Ms. Pankaj PRT 21.03.80 02.07.12 B.Sc., B.Ed. Permanent NO
Mrs. Priya PRT 04.05.87 01.04.13 B.Com., NTT Permanent NO
Mrs. Leena Gambir PRT 30.12.80 01.04.13 M.A., B.Ed. Probabation NO
Name Mr. O.P. Tiwari
Members of Sexual Harassment Committee
Mr. Ajay Bhattacharya Mrs. kavita
Mr. Rajiv Hooda Mrs. kiran
Class Section Enrolment
I A 32
I B 32
I C 32
II A 40
II B 40
II C 38
III A 41
III B 38
III C 37
IV A 40
IV B 39
IV C 37
V A 42
V B 43
V C 42
VI A 43
VI B 43
VI C 44
VII A 39
VII B 38
VII C 38
IX A 43
IX B 44
IX C 45
X A 37
X B 40
X C 36
XI A 26
XI B 27
XI C 31
XII A 38
XII B 29
XII C 26
Academic session period 3rd April 2017 to 31st March 2018
Vacation period 22nd May 2017 to 30th June 2017
Admission period 1st April 2017 to 31st July 2017